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Volleyball Readings and Helpful Stuff

If you want to improve as an official, you must work at it. You must study the rules! You must watch volleyball live. You must ask questions. All of us are either getting better or getting worse, there is no middle ground. If you think you know it all, or you think you know enough, you will falter.

P.S. We are working on this and will add more readings over time. You can click on anything that's red or orange.

R1 responsibilities

Pre-match, R2, and Line Judge

Signal Chart


Two 50 questions quizzes

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

The Real Rules

Good Balls and Bad Balls

R1 and R2


20 Things

Liberos and Time Outs

More Things

Ref I Am


October 2018

2017 Intro

Boys 2018